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Evangelism in the Arts

January 17, 2022 Kanakuk Institute Season 1 Episode 5
Kanakuk Institute Podcast
Evangelism in the Arts
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In this episode, Karen interviews Rachel, a KI alumnus who has spent the last year working in the theater arts and sharing the gospel with her cast and crew.

Intro (Keith): Welcome to the Kanakuk Institute podcast, where we continue to equip leaders with biblical skills for a lifetime of ministry.


Karen (00:13): This is Karen Chancey with the Kanakuk Institute, and we have got a sweet alumni with us today that’s going to share some amazing truths of what she’s been doing and how the Lord’s been working in her this year. Rachel, welcome.


Rachel (00:28): Thank you!

Karen (00:29): You know, I think, sometimes, a lot of our alumni will leave the institute and really desire to share, just the good news of the gospel, but maybe are a little nervous about what that looks like. Could you, maybe, share a few things of what you’ve seen out there and questions people have in a hurting world?


Rachel (00:49): Yeah. Well I’ve had a really unique privilege of getting to kind of be on the front lines, I feel like, with that. I’m in the entertainment industry, which is quite a leap to go from the world of KI into an industry that is really dark. So, pretty much every panel question that I practiced for, I’ve almost gotten to answer in real life. And, I mean, truly, it is everything from validity of scripture to, “That’s a book and how do you trust it and what’s the difference between that book and a Muslim’s book or a Mormon’s book?” And so answering those questions. Oh my gosh, like Spirits and demons and angels and the spiritual realm, all kinds of questions, people have been really curious about that, which is something that I never, when I was studying for panels, that was like, “Ok, when will I ever answer these questions?” And then I did. Questions about, I think one of the biggest ones was the nature of God and if this God exists, how can you believe in a God that has created so much evil, or that has allowed so much evil? Is a really big one, if people acknowledge God in the first place. How do you believe that God is real if you can’t see him? I mean, really it’s been all over the map, which has been so fun.


Karen (02:21): I love it, and I know you well enough to know that these are not just a quick question by someone in a coffee shop, but you’re doing life with people, and you’re so full of grace. How do you get to the point where they’re asking you these questions?


Rachel (02:39): Yeah. It took a lot of relationship building, and specifically with this past few months, I was on tour with a show, and so I got extended close up intimate time with them so they really couldn’t escape me and I also couldn’t escape them. I mean, I was doing life and I was living in hotel rooms with these people and so it took probably two months, almost, in this situation, of just trying to be a really good tiller of soil, and ask really good questions to get to just know their heart and where they were coming from. And it was cool because, I think, the more I was able to see little glimpses of their heart, it was almost like the Lord was revealing, “Ok this is the road. Let’s head this direction with this person.” And, you know, it would be as simple as, one night when I was going to bed, I’ll be reading the Bible, and the girl in the bed next to me would be reading Astrology or whatever she’s looking at, and just things like, “Hey, what are you reading?” And she would talk about the higher power that she’s calling on. And it was a really clear direction as to, “Oh, ok, let’s go there.” Or, you know, someone else, we might be outside and looking at God’s creation, and just being like, “Wow, guys, how do you think this got here?” And then, someone will answer something in a very specific way. And it’s, “Oh, ok, that’s the direction we’re going with that.” And so, I think being a really good question asker and relationship builder was really key this summer.


Karen (04:21): Absolutely, and you are, I know firsthand, a master at that. And I will also say, I know that those opportunities are over, but are those people still in your life? And what’s your plan for that?


Rachel (04:35): Yes! That has been one of the sweetest parts about this is I think whenever I left the tour that I was on a few months ago, I was so, kind of sad, because I felt like I had been able to make so much progress through the Lord and through the Spirit with these people, and then it was like, “Ok, done. Never see them again.” And then, what’s been amazing is that the last contract I was on, several people just reached out, and two girls from my cast ended up coming to visit me, and both of them wanted to come visit with the intention of talking about the Lord. And it was two girls that had absolutely zero, like just so not interested in anything, they would say, “religious” or “spiritual.” And they’re coming with questions, and it is just obvious that even in the last three months when I wasn’t with them, the Lord has been just stirring their heart, and they’re coming in with great questions, and we’ve got to walk through scripture. And even, you know, one girl lives on the other side of the country, and we got her a Bible, and so now, we’ll meet regularly and we’ll get to walk through scripture together, and never in a million years would I have thought that would happen. Especially not after that tour that I was on, because I just kind of thought that that would be done. And then the Lord’s just continuing to say, “Nope. Nope. We’re still good. We’re still going.”


Karen (05:56): Not finished yet! And I love that so much and I truly believe when we offer people the greatest gift ever, that they will be drawn to the Spirit in us, and I see that so much in you. What would be your advice for some alumni out there that are just kind of stuck, feeling like, “I’m not making a difference. I have this great truth that is within me. How do I go and challenge someone, or start a conversation?” 


Rachel (06:27): Honestly, I think one of the biggest, maybe, hinderances to graduate something like KI and you have just this gold mine of truth, and then there is this world that is so lost and hurting and dark. And the problem is that, I think, for maybe a lot of us, is we’re not entering into that world. And I think if we were to look around and see who am I surrounded by, maybe, and I don’t know this, but for a lot of us, it might just be other believers. And I think that’s a really sad, sad problem, because we talk about, you know, saltiness all the time, and it’s like KI is this beautiful little salt pool of amazing salt and if it doesn’t go, does this truth just sit in us? And how selfish is that? To have been given by the Lord this deep knowledge of who he is and then not get to share it. So I think we have to radically enter into spaces that are not comfortable for us. And we have to step into pockets where people do not believe in the Lord. And it’s uncomfortable, and it’s scary, and that just might look like inviting people into your home. Maybe it’s not “going out” into some crazy industry, you know, like I’ve been in, but that’s a problem, and I think that we really get to be radical in the way that we choose to change that if that is the case in our life.


Karen (07:57): Absolutely, and just love people. Invite them over with the purpose of just loving them.


Rachel (08:03): Yeah, right. Be the aroma of Christ. Because, yeah, they’ll notice.


Karen (08:10): They will notice, and it’s so, again, it’s so evident in you, and in your heart, and in, just, the way you love people so well. I’ve never ever heard you say anything derogatory about anyone. Your heart is to just love them with the love of Christ, and that is just and encouragement, I think, to all of us, and to all of our alumni to hang in there. You know, God’s given us the greatest gift ever, and we want to share that. What would you say would be, maybe, this is a generalization, but what do people in the world tend to believe about the character of God?


Rachel (08:45): Ok, well, from my experience here within the entertainment industry, I think the… it’s two things. It’s either, “there’s no way that I want to believe in a God” because everybody, especially in our culture and our day and age, in my generation wants to be their own god. That’s a massive thing that I have run into. Because if there were a God, that would say a lot about humans and our relation to Him. And that’s, to a lot of people, offensive, and not the life that they want to live. And so it’s either that or it’s, “Well, if there is a God, then he’s either hateful and judgmental, or maybe he’s a God – and how do you even know it’s a he?” I get that all the time. You know? “Maybe it’s a woman? Maybe it’s just this being?” There is no absolute truth. 


Karen (09:46): And how do you step into that?


Rachel (09:48): Ok, I think, actually, I’m so glad you asked that because this is something that I wanted to say. Something I have realized is that the gospel is offensive. 1 Corinthians says the Word of God is foolishness to those who are perishing, and I have never experience that more than, like, probably the last year of my life. Because it is really hard to sit in front of someone who thinks a very specific way and is very aggressive and is very assertive in their opinions, and to be able to stand on absolute truth. Because they’ll say, “my truth. This is my truth, and you can believe your truth, and they can believe their truth,” but then to say, “Guys, there is one truth. It is the truth.” And that is offensive, because people want to say, “Well, you can’t tell me that. You know, you get to have yours and I get to have mine,” and to be able to stand on the truth is not popular opinion. So that is big, and it also, you know, it’s not easy to tell someone about the depravity of man when they think that all humans are good. “And how could you tell me that I am bad at heart, because I am loving and I am kind.” And to be able to talk to someone about man’s sinful nature? Offensive. Or when I get a question a lot, you know, about afterlife. I literally was asked one time, “Well, am I going to Hell?” And, there was just this moment where I was like, “Oh God, what do I say?” Because it was like, “yeah.” But how do you say that to someone when you’re looking at them in the face, and there is an absolute truth here? So, when people ask those questions, it takes relationship building and it takes them earning trust. To be able to say the hard things, but then I guess the challenge and my encouragement and what I have learned is that when it comes time, because it will, for the hard thing to be able to be said once you have earned a platform for it, we get to be courageous, and we get to not shy away from what we know to be truth, and we get to just say it. 


Karen (11:56): Absolutely, and how would you encourage, just alumni out there that are just, you know, they left KI, they are just doing their thing, what encouragement would you have for them?


Rachel (12:08): Man, I would encourage you to be radically courageous. We get to be courageous. We are sitting on the back of the lion of Judah. And this word, while we get to apologetically defend it, does not need defending. And, I think sometimes, I know from me, I have been hesitant before to step in because I’m like, “Oh God, but what if they ask something I don’t know how to answer?” Ok! I’m not going to mess it up. Like, if preaching the gospel was dependent on me, then there would just literally be no one ever in heaven. Because obviously we are feeble and broken, but we get to step in and we get to enter into workplace and conversation, and we get to just be courageous. And we have the tools, and the tools that we don’t have God will equip us with. And ultimately, it’s just not dependent on us, but he gives us the opportunity to be his coworker! And we are really missing out on the blessing that he wants to give us if we don’t step into that. Because, I mean really? We get to be coworkers with God. Are you kidding? Like, do it! Do it! And it’s lifechanging when we step into those.


Karen (13:26): Amen, it sure is. And I’m just going to leave it there. Do it! I mean, it is such a blessing for you to be able to do that and to see lives that are seeking God and seeking God in you and I just want to encourage our alumni, you know, don’t sit on the sidelines. You are equipped. You are equipped. Go, and give the greatest gift you’ve ever been given.” Well thanks so much Rachel, we sure have enjoyed you being here and I hope all of y’all are ready to go and just make some relationships and love people well.


Rachel (14:02): Go get ‘em!


Karen (14:03): Go get ‘em.